April 19, 2012

Favorite Things: American Apparel Hoodie

little Matt wearing his third Bike Jerks Gang Hoodie

This is an easy one, as pretty much every day since January 2008 I have worn my Bike Jerks gang hoodie which is printed on an American Apparel Flex Fleece Sweatshirt stock.
These are my colors, if I'm out of the house and it's not shorts weather, chances are I have this on my back. You know I roll hard for the set.

Over four years now and this baby has held up like a champ. I've had to sew the pockets a few times but I can't fault the hoodie for my being a drunk clutzy asshole.

These things are made in the USA (I know a lot of people don't like American Apparel, but I love the cuts and the quality), are ludicrously soft when first worn, and few things in the world stay in style like a black hoodie. Right up there with Wayfarers, Chucks, and Levi's.

If you tuck into one of these little numbers though, make sure you make knots in the hood draws before you wash it, or you're gonna lose those things in the wash.

I highly recommend them.


Anonymous said...

Love my mustache skull hoodie I got from you last year, it's essential.
Thought I lost it on St. Pattys day but turns out I left it in the local VFW and everybody is cool there so I was re-united the next day. -Bret

Anonymous said...

i want a hoodie. pwease

Jeff said...

what size you need?