April 9, 2012

Camp Vibes

Friday after work the crew rode the bottoms to a secret camp site along the river.


teeter totter

tree crossing






Bikes were ridden, dudes puked, and we all made healthy decisions.


Anonymous said...


Coop said...

I see a Hennessy Hammock, what's the other hammock? I'm in the market for a bike-camping hammock and Hennessey seems best. I'd love to save some cash though, I still gotta buy a Surly front rack.

reverend dick said...

Prease to talk to using the fat bike as a camping ride.

Jeff said...

As you know I'm skeptical of fatbikes, but what I'm figuring out is that it's not the fat bikes that I find dubious, its the claim that they are the jam for snow. Whoever started that shit?

On sand though, they rule, which is what we were riding on Friday.

Two of us had Hennessy hammocks and two had Eagles Nest Outfitters. supposedly the Hennesy's sleep flatter and are a more solid system. But the ENO's are more modular in that you buy everything separately and thus only buy what you need.

Jeff said...
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Scott said...

Hi- Looks fun! Love the black and white. Especially the tree crossings one. The fissures on the bark and the fallen leaves are cool. This river bottom area seems very cool.