June 15, 2010

Peacock Groove Project: Back From Paint

Erik got the PG-40 back from Spectrum, overall it's unbelievably rad; but there is a slight problem. Let's start looking at pictures and I'll explain as we go.

Peacock Groove: PG-40

and for reference, the vehicle that inspired the paint scheme

Ford GT-40


BB Shell

I think the dropouts came out gorgeous, and I'm digging that detail on the inside of the hanger

single racing stripe

and this is where things start to get a bit dicey

see this skull? that is not the Bike Jerks skull. I am a grown man and I have no interest in putting stupid skulls on my bike. I am however very interested in putting my logo on it (and everything else). Sure to some extent it's just semantics, but when I'm draped all over this thing turning myself inside out and dripping sweat, I want to be dripping sweat on a goddamn Bike Jerks skull. Not this stand in.

What I'm most bummed about is that artwork was supplied and it was made clear that this was what was wanted in the oval. They didn't ask if it was okay to change the graphics, and they didn't notify us at all. They just did it. When you're paying the better part of a grand for a paint job, you expect perfection. Clearly I am not 100% satisfied with the work.

Hopefully they'll take care of it, but the thing is, there's no way I want to send this thing back for another month or so. It's prime riding season and I don't want this to leave MPLS again (unless of course I'm on it). Anyway, we'll see what they say. Best case scenario is that they can fix it over the winter. Worst case scenario is that I live with it or have one of the sticker homies hook up a sticker to cover it.

As for the rest of the paint, I absolutely love it and think that Spectrum did a phenomenal job of interpreting the graphics of the race car and turning it into a unique and stunning bicycle. They did all of this out of powder coat, not paint. It's pretty impressive.

now back to more pictures



note the masking and detail on the crown matches the dropouts

internal routing

Erik still has to fabricate the stainless chainguard, drill the brake hole in the fork, face, chase, and frame saver it. When I get back from NYC, I'll start the build.

I am so thrilled at how it turned out, it's a way prettier bike than I could have ever hoped for.

Big thanks to Erik for getting it done on time, and imagining such a lovely paint scheme.

Paint Jobs
Frame Drawing
Fork and Dropouts
Bottom Bracket
The Clock Starts Ticking
Dropouts, Chainstays, Fork Crown
Part #1


craig said...

incredible. Sucks about the skull, especially a lame "run of the mill" one. I am excited to see it built up.

Unknown said...

That is a really nice job, incredible details. Where have i seen that skull before, oh yeah... http://www.iwata-medea.com/index.php/artool/freehand_skull_master/

Drop me a line if you need some help. I can also throw down some paint hand-style...

Manny said...

What? That skull is better than the one you put on the last All City Flyer! Look at me I'm a Happy Skull. It looks good. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

You should get Erik to fabricate a chrome skull plate, have it painted relief painted like the drop outs to match and weld it over the stupid skull. That would be cool.

fomenter said...

Deal with it by getting it redone. properly. otherwise it will haunt you.

*skaaly* said...

I make stickers. I will NOT make a sticker to put on that beautiful bike, that would be wrong. Gdamnit, they dropped the ball, make them deal with it on YOUR terms.

Ross said...

Something to consider: What would Erik do if they screwed with his "Peacock Groove?" He'd a sent it back.

You have a brand, and it's your skull. They should fix it, free and fast.

dannypaws said...

They changed the design on that high end of paint job without giving you the heads up? total fail. I mean... bike jerks right? MAKE them fix it.

I mean, I just know where you're coming from. I would throw a fit. Then again that paint job alone cost more than most of my bikes.

Noren said...

I know this was not perfect.
Yes, I was on this immediately.
I don't know why it ( Jeff's skull) was not used, perhaps an oversight?
The problem is shipping.
At least 50 bucks one way.
It is an expensive fix, and will most likely be done over the winter. Jeff wants to ride his bike. Badly. We will let him do that and then we will take care of it.
Spectrum does a lot of work, and I still think that they are excellent.
Painting is harder than anyone thinks.