April 13, 2010

Peacock Groove Project: PG-40

Stopped by Erik's shop last night to get my first glimpse of the *finished bike.

frame and fork

drive side rear dropout
the clamp face and "tip" will be polished, the area in between will be painted

polished downtube barrel adjusters

the head badge will also be polished

plenty of clearance

"S bend" stays


internal routing

fork blade curve

*There was still a brake bridge and hidden fender mounts to be done

We also finalized paint.
I was still torn between doing the GT-40 paint scheme and going classy with a gloss black finish to highlight the polished accents.

Erik though started getting really excited about the possibilities of a GT-40 inspired paint job, and I figure that this "theme" bike will totally cement his reputation as the American Chopper of U.S. frame builders.
The paint scheme will be based on the above car, but will not be a slave to it. He's planning on doing a red instead of the orange, and the paint will be sparkly as all get out instead of the matte finish.

Even though I'm still a little squeemish about the paint, if he's got ideas and is excited, I should just let him do his thing. Besides, what's the point of getting a Groove if it's not going to be flashy. If I wanted a classy bike, I'd have bought a Kvale (just kidding).

The plan is that instead of the number in the racing stripe, it will have the Bike Jerks skull inside the white circle. Beyond that, the details are all up to Erik and I'll have to wait to find out.

Oh and the bike officially has a name. The PG-40

I can't wait ride this thing.


Anonymous said...

What's going on with the right seat stay half way down? Looks like something got brazed on and then taken off? But on the non-drive side?

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant left seat stay, seen in "S" bend picture.

Jeff said...

there was an imperfection in the tube, so he filled it with braze and will file it down.

chelsea said...

PG-40 seems like a movie you have to be at least 40 yrs old to watch.