April 7, 2010

Peacock Groove Project: Paint Jobs

I am currently undertaking the task of figuring out how the hell I'm going to get my forthcoming custom Peacock Groove road/gravel monster powdercoated. It's been decided that it will go to the fine folks at Spectrum Powder Works to have the work done.

Here are the ideas I've got brewing:

1. Paint it jet black to highlight the polished acccents, and then do the lettering in either Erik's polished outline or do the solid lettering in a dark green.

2. Back when I thought I was going to get a 29er the plan was to do a paint job that aped the classic ford GT40 paint scheme of blue and orange
The colors are awesome and I thought it was a fun play on Erik's well known Charger bike.
I gotta say, the more I look at that car the more I'm into the idea of having a powder blue frame with faded orange decals.

3. Do a classic cycling paintjob but change the decals to Peacock Groove.

It is this last idea that we will explore today:

For instance maybe classic Molteni orange just replacing "Eddy Merckx" with "Peacock Groove" in a similar font
I'm currently imagining such a bike with a Noren head badge on it, and it's making me giggle

Another favorite is the Gios Brooklyn paint scheme
but my fork needs to be painted, since I have a polished fork crown and, as such, am not into the idea of chroming my fork.

I was trying to google a bunch of cool vintage bicycle paint jobs, but are coming up empty. If any of you out there have any classic paint schemes you're particularly enamored with, please send them my way.

Frame Drawing
Fork and Dropouts
Bottom Bracket
The Clock Starts Ticking
Dropouts, Chainstays, Fork Crown
Part #1


Chris said...

Oooo... A Gulf Oil GT40 paint scheme would be insane. If you don't do it, I'm stealing the idea when I get around to a custom frame. And that's that.

Anonymous said...

Yo Jeff. Check out Kevin's curvy blue/orange Ford GT themed Retrotec Inglis frame at Hiawatha Cyclery. Stunning.

Anonymous said...




or show your Sconnie pride with


JMan said...

Here is a similar paint scheme along the lines of the GT40 in all its pearly goodness. Little different theme, not so much muscle car as it is Luchador.

Photographic excellence credit goes to Pro-Photog Burma