April 1, 2010

Peacock Groove Project: Tubes

Stopped by P to the G yesterday to pick up the Benotto, have a peak at the dropouts and tubing, and talk over final details with Erik so he can finish the drawing today. For those of you keeping score at home, we are exiting the 3rd week of the project. Fabrication is scheduled to be concluded next week. We'll see if he makes it. In all fairness though, he's added a bunch of complexity (man hours) to the project by agreeing to the polished fork ends, dropouts, and fork crown.

When the drawing is finished I'll get some pics for you and next week I'll be researching paint jobs, I'm sure you'll like that.

Check out the tubes, Yo.

the ones in the paper are for my bike

steerer and fork crown

Down tube (35mm, cause I'm a beefcake), seat tube, and top tube
All three main tubes are Columbus Zona. He had them wrapped up in the newspaper so I didn't mess with them, but I'm guessing since it's Zona, the tubes are asymetrical(sp?)

S bend stays, to get the clearance I'm looking for (32c cross tires)

Chainstays and Seatstays
Stays: Columbus Life tubing

Stays, fork ends, dropouts

The whole end/dropout is going to get polished, not just the clamping surface

Fork and Dropouts
Bottom Bracket
The Clock Starts Ticking
Dropouts, Chainstays, Fork Crown
Part #1

And here are some bonus photos of a bike that was sitting around the shop

Mia's super tiny 26" wheeled cross machine

One more thing: remember that post about PG selling off Kill Bill and Bad Penny?

Well, he sold both bikes for $1250 a piece via our local forum MPLS BikeLove.

Can you believe that shit? You could've had potentially the coolest track bike on the planet for twelve hundred and fifty bucks. That's just crazy!

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scissorneck said...

when my clients cheryl bike goona be done???? shes like 5 foot hahaha..