July 5, 2012


Last Thursday as I was headed down to One on One I spotted what I at first thought was a flock of birds, but upon getting closer they were some sort of floating glowing objects.  It looked like they came from the Walker so perhaps they are some sort of art project, and they were in a rainbow of colors so maybe some Pride deal.

My best guess is balloons, but it would seem like a major dick move to release a bunch of balloons into the environment.



Anybody know the deal?


Anonymous said...

Goddamn Aliens.

Anonymous said...

I saw those two. Same reaction - figured it was LEDs in balloons, but who would release balloons like that?

Anonymous said...

Might be luminaries. Paper lantern type deals with a candle at the bottom. The candle heats the air like a hot air balloon and causes it to rise. They are supposedly biodegradable except for the wire they use to support the candle.

thebimbocoles said...

I was skating last night on that bike trail over by 6th and 17th in NE (1030ish?) and something like a big bag hit the little rocks off to my side. Went to go check it out and it was a red paper lantern with the cherry still smoldering. True story.

Anonymous said...

Yep, bunch of balloons with LEDs.