July 13, 2012


Earlier this week I was beyond stoked to come across the D.O.C's 1989 Dr. Dre produced masterpiece "No One Can Do It Better" in the used section of Cheapo.

I've been on a hunt for this record online for a year now and it's always been way too expensive (in the $50 range).  Ever since hearing it for the first time in Mark's basement in Milwaukee on a shitty cassette I've been lauding it's merits as the lost classic in the Dr. Dre canon.

So imagine how excited I was to find it at Cheapo for only $24.  I jumped on it.

If you're not familiar, you best get to knowing about it.

Also this week my homie Boo sent me one of his band Malachi's records which has been missing from my collection.  Their other album, which I also have no idea what it's titled, has become a go to forest metal jam, so I'm super pumped to lay hands on this one.

And after a long wait my Nigel Peppercock "The New Way" record showed up.

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Unknown said...

that much greater, dre' up on the fader....