July 25, 2012

Stolen Surly Steamroller

photo this just came in: I was told through a friend of mine to inform you about my bike which got stolen last night from Triple Rock Social Club (Cedar-Riverside Area). It was locked up and the cable had to of been cut. It was a maroonish-brown 59cm Surly Steamroller with gold velocity deep v's. I had just recently put on new odyssey pedals with beard straps which were white-ish yellow. It had matching gold sugino cranks as well. The color of the grip tape was cork. I had put 3 fairly distinctive stickers on the bike as well. One was orange, one was white and green, and one was a circle ying yang design. I will attach two different images of it. one is when i first got the bike and the other is a lot more recent. If there is anything you could do to help i would be so thankful. photo1 If you see it, grab it and get at me.


Anonymous said...

Cable lock? Might as well tie it up with a piece of string.

Anonymous said...

Two words:

U - Lock.

c'mon people...if we like our bikes, let's lock 'em up like we care.

Shyam said...

i thought i locked my bike up outside of the hornet at the ums but i just slung the lock around the seat post. i was glad it was still there when i got back

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only asshole that after reading this was like "uh... cable lock duh?"