July 11, 2012

MBMA Summer Series North Loop Sprints


On Saturday I headed down for the match sprints in the warehouse district.  The course was a nasty figure eight on cobbles and back alleys.  Only 5 racers showed, which meant that the top four qualifying times made the race brackets.

The first race was myself against SK, but SK dropped his chain and bowed out.  That meant I was in the finals and was pitted against Alton.

Alton winning his semifinal race

I got a jump and had about a half block lead early, when cresting a hill and making a sharp left I clipped my pedal and went skidding across the road in the oncoming lane.  Alton pulled up to check on my condition, ending the race.

I was fine but my wheel was done for the day, giving Alton his second win in the series.  He was all apologetic about winning that way, but he deserved it.  It wasn't an act of God or bad luck, I simply went into a corner too hot and should have stopped pedaling.  Life lessons.

Classy dude though wouldn't take no for an answer and gave me some of the prize money, which I then spent on beers at the Fulton Brewery.


One of the cool things about the race was that Leif gave me one of his new handmade cycling caps for the bounty Nick G put on SK.  Leif is calling his new cap venture Hammerbone Caps and you should totally hit him up for a hat when you see him, because his shit is looking legit as hell.

Congratulations Leif.


my prize fish hat, Leif's got to take it out a little bit though to fit my noggin


thebimbocoles said...

A link for Hammerbone? Thanks.

Jeff said...

It's still in its infancy. no website yet.

Anonymous said...

HammerBone hats for sale at the ALT

Anonymous said...

Ohh maaan I want a fish hat. If you want to just donate that cap to a tiny melon you know where to find me in the West Bank. ;)