July 21, 2012

Update: Pembo Found


tonight Josh's beloved dog, and Bike Jerks Wolfpack founder, Pembo went missing in Uptown around Josh's apartment near 34th and Grand. Pembo is sick and out of it he hasn't eaten in 12 hours and is grumpy and dazed, he wandered from his yard and just kept going.  This is very unlike him.

My ass is stuck in Utah and unable to offer my best friend the help he needs at this time.

My ask of you: please get out there on your bikes and canvas the area and help find this pooch. Check the yard, alleys, etc, call out his name. He has a distinct high pitched bark that you can't miss. Please help in this time of need.

Earlier tonight, some dude brought Pembo home.  Apparently he had passed out in the guy's yard and the guy let him in the fenced in back.  He slept it off, and the guy let him out and he walked home to Josh with the man following him.  I don't really have the story down as I was only able to speak to Josh for a short while. But he's safe with his owner.

Josh told me he saw a whole bunch of people slow rolling through the neighborhood on bikes.  Thanks a ton to everyone who made the effort.  It means a lot.



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Keep us posted because this sucks.