July 16, 2012

Sticky: All City Championships 2012 Save the Date


Dates are set, sponsors have been contacted, things are progressing nicely.  The All City Championships is back for year number seven.

If you've ever wanted to check out Minneapolis, this is your opportunity to come down and see how we get down.

Thursday night Bandit Cross, Friday night crit, ala Red Hook, and Saturday alleycat.  I'm working on doing a swap meet on Sunday, but nothing's set right now.

Clear your calendars and get pumped.

If you've got a blog or something, do me a solid and repost this.


innokenty said...


Anonymous said...

Super stoked for the crit. Just a couple questions for the organizers: Is there going to be some type of ban on intoxicated riders racing in the crit? Also, will there be some type of bike check before the race to see if everyone is riding a dedicated fixed gear bike that is SAFE to race on the city streets. I've been looking forward to something like this happen in MPLS but lets make sure it has some class, professionalism, and degree of controlled chaos. MPLS needs to be represented right!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone ride in it?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone ride in the fixed crit?

Anonymous said...

That is a good point. Is there going to be some type of way to make sure this thing is free of drunken racers on sketchy fixies? Crashes in the street due to drunken imbeciles is a sure fire way to get the cops attention and shut the ACC Fixed Crit down for good!

Anonymous said...

Safety is important... but if you can't ride your bike drunk then I beg to differ your right to call yourself a dedicated cyclist... we've all been there!