November 2, 2011

Urban Velo Photo Gallery

The new issue of Urban Velo is up online and this month's photo gallery was shot by yours truly.

I selected some images from the past few years that I thought represented my life here in Minneapolis.

Check it out.

This photo of All the Way Ray was taken way back in 2006 and is an out take from a photo session I did for Banjo Brothers. The location was the One on One alley and I've always been partial to this shot, though the client elected not to use it.

Clockwise from Left: My workbench while taking apart a 753 Team Raleigh, Hennepin Bridge from last November, last year's Track or Treat, a super old shot of Tommy and Carl from the first underwear ride.

Right - First ever Bandit Cross race
Left - Dave Gray from Surly at Homey Fall Fest 2008, Ol Drinky with my trailer after first Bandit Cross, start of All City Champs 2011

A few pages later there is also a collage of my images that we used for this year's All-City Annual, right next to Roger's cartoon.

Super psyched to have some photos published, can't wait to show my mom.

Thanks to the Urban Velo dudes for making it happen.

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HotWater said...

ha, i'm pretty sure thats me in the 3rd photo running across the tracks during a bandit cross race