November 7, 2011

Sunday CHUD In Milwaukee

Sunday saw the biggest gathering of CHUD HUNTERS yet here in MKE. We were graced by the presence of some friends from Chicago for this one too which made it all the sweeter. Strength in numbers.

Val showed up at Stonefly Brewery where we always meet with these items in her bag -

chicchud 025

Yep. It's a Crock Pot, Pumpkin Spirits, and a tupperware full of "liquid". Pretty confident that I will never see a bag with these contents together ever again.

First stop was for shots at Great Lakes Distillery.

chicchud 029
chicchud 030

Then to 6th Street for throwin' rocks and such -

chicchud 031
chicchud 033
chicchud 036

Then to The Ditch. Ms. LaBrie here has heard us talk about "crossing the CHUD Flowage Gap" and all its perils, but Lil' Stinker brought somethin' called logic -

chicchud 040
chicchud 048
chicchud 050

chicchud 042
chicchud 062

Then this happened - (I kept the photo blurry to recreate for you what it actually feels like when you first view a CHUD in its natural environment)

chicchud 055
chicchud 057

Former ARMY guy and gymnast. Just passing through. Doing flips and dislocatin' shit. WHAT THE FUCK

Then to Dick And Gloria's Cocktails And Dreams for PACKERS, mashed potatoes, and sass.

Here's this weekends Sadie Hawkins speed race winner from Chicago -

chicchud 072
chicchud 075
chicchud 077

Night ended with a race back to Stonefly for food. Then everyone in bed by 10.
Pay to play Bro.

Thanks so much Christina, Allison, Nikki, and Jake for coming up!

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