November 8, 2011

Favorite Things: Fall Riding Gear

Here in the Ol' MPLS the weather has gone full on Fall.

In the morning on the way to work you're looking at mid to low 30's and in the evening on the return it's usually hovering around 50 degrees.

Here are some essential riding pieces that help me breeze through this transition period and weather (zing!) the variant riding temps from morn to eve.

Sugoi zip off windbreaker
I have no idea what model this may be, though I know it's at least five years old. This like much of my riding gear was hot FTA (Free Table Action. At Q we have a table to put your cast off whatever, and anytime you score something good off of it, that's some hot FTA). I'm guessing my colleague ditched it due to the tear in the back of it, welll that and he was leaving to go work for Rapha.

Thing is, I don't give a shit about a hole there since I wear a backpack anyway. This thing's got tons of life left in it.

The sweet thing about this jacket is that I can wear it as a coat in the morning on my way in, and on the way home just zip off the sleeves and wear it vest style with a long sleeve wool jersey underneath.

I never would have ever bought a zip off jacket like this for myself, since I think they're sort of lame, but this free one has become indispensable and I'd highly recommend a similar piece to you. (if you ride in similar conditions)

Pearl Izumi Calientoes
Now this is something that I just can't get by without: Pearl toe covers. They keep my tootsies warm and in light precipitation dry. They pack up small as all get out so I can always have them in my bag for when I need them.

If you wear them with mountain shoes you're going to wear through the bottom but still should be able to get two years of solid use out of them. They're cheap enough (I think like $20) that replacing them every year really isn't a big deal. These things are a life saver and perfect for the cool fall weather.

661 Transition Gloves
These are by far my favorite lightly insulated riding gloves that I've ever used. Unlike other brands, these still feel like a technical mountain glove and there is very little loss of dexterity.

They're good down to about the high 20's for me, once I'm acclimated to the colder weather, and I'll wear them up to the mid 40's. I'm already bummed out because I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to replace these when they're dead. If anyone from Six Six One is reading this, holla at your boy.

And that dear friends are some of my favorite things for riding in the fall. What're yours?


Anonymous said...

Are those 661 gloves flame retardant?


Hiking boots said...

thats a weird bike shoes. i though my hiking boots used for biking was weird until i've seen yours.