November 6, 2011

Bike Swap with Velo Cult

Hi, it's Tina- Here I am in Los Angeles! It's colder and rainier here today than it is in the Midwest! And since the house fire, I haven't had any heat. So, yes, I'm freezing. But as Mark likes to say, "Peanut Gallery Hours: CLOSED."

Yesterday was nicer out, so I hit up Velo Cult's bike swap at Golden Saddle Cyclery.
They brought out some fun track frames and other miscellany. Very dangerous for anyone prone to hoarding parts and such!
random rims
Kyle pointed out that there was a strange "Made in Spain" theme going on, what with this awesome blue Zeus
and the rear dropout on this sweet gray Serotta:
Velo Cult brought some merch with them as well. They had some sweet wool jerseys and caps. wool jersey I couldn't get the cap to look right on its own so I had to tag a handsome young man to model it:
Overall an awesome afternoon!
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Velo Cult Bike Shop said...

Thanks for coming out to the event! We were stoked to meet everybody. -Velo Cult.