November 1, 2011

Track or Treat Photos


Here are some shots from last Friday's Track or Treat race. Big thanks to Velocity and All-City for making the prize wheels happen.

Martin took it home for the win and even 5 months pregnant, Jana still won the ladies race handily.

Thanks to all who came out.



I even dipped into our stash of Sparks (the real kind purchased before the ban)




KOPISH said...

The Log Lady is a good one! Well played.

Joe said...

Godammit! I didn't see the Track or Treat header and thought that first photo was a cycling accident! Now I'm relieved...and think the head wound's pretty awesome.

al said...

are you gonna release that aluminum all city to the public or what?

Jeff said...

all in good time.

Phil Velo said...

Not that it matters, but Jana was well over 6 months! I swear this'll be her last race until after the little Velo is born. Fun race Jeff, keep it up.

Martin said...

Thanks hustler! Real good time