September 26, 2011

Trip to Levis


On Friday B. and I loaded Baroo and some bikes into the Goose for a little family camping trip to Levis Mounds trail system near Black River Falls Wisconsin.

Not only are the Levis trails amazing (very "western" feeling) but the camping is superb, and it was an opportunity to get Baroo on some trails for the first time. I have fantasies of him being a trail dog, and needed to sort out where he was at with it in terms of manners.


That first night it rained, but the next day's weather was lovely.

the trails at Levis wind up and down a series of bluffs that deliver stunning views, especially when the fall colors are out.



Unfortunately we had a pressing engagement back in the Cities and could only stay for one night.


This was shockingly B's and mine first camping trip together in the six plus years we've been an item. I have a tendency to be a prick and go on adventures with my buddies and not my lady since my trips always revolve around mountain biking or climbing or getting shitfaced.

I'm super happy to report that our first family trip was awesome. Despite the weather B. had a great time, I had a great time being with her, and Baroo actually did amazing on the trails. He followed me the whole time and didn't nip at my heels or try to herd me once (he's part cattle dog). The only issues were when we ran into other dogs on the trail (having to stop and call to get him to break), or when we stopped and he would try to get ahead of me. Though as soon as I passed him he was an angel again. And he was so pooped. Nothing makes me feel better than having a tired puppy.

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