September 20, 2011

Last Day in Germany

While we were in Southern Germany at Eurobike, we stayed about 17 miles from the hall in the countryside. At first we were bummed about the long commute and hills. I didn't expect there to be mile long climbs between me and everywhere we wanted to go, so I was packing my trusty white Big Block. (We made it through just fine, climbed at the front of every pack, but lost time on the descents.)

What at first was an inconvenience proved throughout the week to be a ticket to adventure, exploring and drinking beer on dark German gravel roads, late night dash in pitch black for a forgotten backpack 7 miles away, etc.

On the last day we discovered an amazing river and bridge, and a lovely bike path through the famous fields of Tettnang Hops. (you know, like for beer)

Here are my photos from my last day in Germany.


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