September 9, 2011

Dirty's and Matty's Salsa La Raza

I have always been a big fan of Salsa, in fact my senior picture was taken in a Salsa jersey. (I know that may sound weird to you, but I also had photos taken with my skates and hockey jersey, while some of my classmates actually brought their snowmobiles into the studio to shoot with their sweet Arctic Cat jackets. Like I've said before, I grew up redneck as fuck.)

Anyway along with that love of Ross Schafer (sp?) era Salsa came a deep appreciation for their signature road frame the La Raza. My homies and teammates at the PD 24 Dirty and Mathew both showed up with later but still stellar examples of the breed.

These are first generation Taiwan production blue Reynolds 853 versions. I know it's counter to many of your sensibilities and ideas about the bike industry, but by those in the know they are much more highly regarded than the previous generations U.S. manufactured version.

Such a classy bike.





I love these bikes. I once had a red 853 frameset, but came on some hard times and had to sell it before ever riding it. What a bummer.


Anonymous said...

I own a '93 La Raza (original owner), and I'm curious why "those in the know" like the Taiwan model more?

No I'm not outraged. They can and do build nice bikes over the ocean.

But seriously - what gives?

Josh said...

Hey man, I just came across a 53 cm blue la raza 853 that I bought just for the group on it. Know anyone interested?

Jeff said...

Not referring to the bikes produced under the Ross Schaefer regime. talking only post Ross.