September 23, 2011


I've got a confession.

I fucking love Footloose.

Though I haven't seen the film in well over a decade, I know every scene and every song.

When I was in like 3rd grade, I dubbed Footloose and Grease 2 (I was into the motorcycles) onto a cassette off the television.

You remember dubbing shit off the television, setting up the timer on the VCR and all that? What about dubbing songs off the radio?

That summer going into 4th grade I watched that tape a million times and those movies were permanently etched into my brain.

If you've been reading the blog for any amount of time, this probably explains a few things.

Anyway, tonight I saw the trailer for a new version of Footloose. Obviously Hollywood has been recycling shit like crazy during the last 15 years, but fuck. Is nothing sacred?

I'm so pissed.

Kids don't need a new Footloose, just watch the old one you assholes. It's a classic teen movie, it's appeal is timeless. You remake something to hopefully do it right, to do it better. Did anyone involved in this new shitpile actually think they were going to do better than Kevin Bacon?

God, I hate that for a large part of the world the United States is defined by the shit they turn out in Hollywood.

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Al said...

i had a tape for years that i reordered from KDWB in the early 90's, it had Kriss Kross (sp?) metallic, DR.Dre, use your illusion era GNR, and motley crue. Strange how much freedom a DJ had back in the day?