September 20, 2011

Interbike Swag

If you're an attendee of Interbike, part of the game is what kind of swag you can hook up. While I'm no longer the hound I was as a younger man, I did managed to have a few things come my way.

One of these things is the greatest pair of socks I have ever laid my bloodshot eyes upon.

But first let's talk about this little item, a Ti bottle opener from Bicycle Times
On the first day of the show a self proclaimed "ad scum" from Bicycle Times stopped by the booth and drank a whole bunch of our beer. At first I was a little bummed because she was trying to sell us ads and I hate being sold anything, and she drank up a bunch of our beers.

But the next day she stopped by with this present and drank a bunch more of our beers and won our hearts over.

I imagine that the 15mm is worthless, but it's flipping Ti and will now live in my backpack.
Thanks a bunch.

And now let us behold the Wu Tang socks.

some dude stopped by the booth to rub our faces in the fact that he scored these, I asked him if they had more and he said that he didn't know.
Boom, I was fucking off, charging the show floor like a bull in a China shop. I made it to the booth and was all "man, I hate to ask, but do you have any of those Wu socks?" The dude played it cool, and replied "oh yeah, those old things, they're from an old giveaway. I'll check."

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Ol' Dirty Biker said...

HS, Wu-Tang socks! So jealous!