September 8, 2011

All-City Space Horse Teaser

Here are a few developmental shots of our new steed, which we've dubbed the Space Horse. 

from rapid prototype

to production sample

to an actual frame

Come see this new beaut at our Interbike booth.  You will assuredly be both amazed and astounded by our latest gift to the bicycle industry.

via AC Blog


Rohn Jobinson said...

geared cyclocross or touring????

Jeff said...

c'mon man, we'd never put semi horizontals or double eyelets on a cross bike. that's just crazy.

fuzzy said...

Extreme unicycle?

Exhausted_Auk said...

The chainstay gear cable guide and double eyelets (one set each for rack and fenders) both suggest that this is not a geared cross bike. No disc tab either, so not a MTB. So my guess is a touring / commuting frame, with the horizontal dropout allowing for a IGH or fixie. If they have given it BIG clearances, it might also be a good gravel grinding bike.

Jeff said...

we're calling it a multi surface shit kicker.

CraiggleS said...

pfft... Cloven Hoof was a FAR better name for this frame.