September 7, 2011

Eurobike Cont.

one of the things I saw that I got stoked on at Eurobike was that Cinelli was bringing back their quill stems and classic dropbar shapes


I didn't ask what the clamp diameter was though, hopefully it's standard 26.0 and not the old Cinelli Standard (25.8, I think)


Adam said...

25.4 ISO size
26 Italian
26.4 Cinelli

Prolly said...

Cinelli was never 25.8 you dolt! It was 26 or 26.4

Anonymous said...

i really hope it's not 26, why aren't all non-oversized bars and clams 25.4 and cross-compatible? i hate having to use shims.

fuzzy said...

Itm was "25.8"