March 29, 2010

My Nature Boy Proto

Via AC Blog

This is my 55cm Nature Boy prototype

I'm loving this thing, there are several improvements that are going to be made for production, but even imperfect this bike is awesome.  (As one of my personal heroes Dave Gray once pointed out to me, when you have the prototype, sure it's cool and all, but all you really got is the f'd up version)

I'd like to take this opportunity to call out the tires.  I'm running 37c Conti Contacts and they roll incredibly smooth and fast for a big tire.  I never thought I'd be happy commuting on a tire larger than 32c, but these things feel great.  Highly recommended.

in the photos the paint looks kind of greenish, but in person, it's definitely a super dark dark blue

I'm currently testing out some Velocity wheels built on their 23mm wide A23 rim.  So far these wheels are super sweet, they're lightweight, have cool looking hubs, a wide rim, and I've yet to put them out of true even with all the potholes and drunkeness they've come into contact with

Big thanks to Velocity for the hookup on this!


K SPARROW said...

does it come with a carbon for option?

Jeff said...

nope you've got procure the carbon for yourself. Although at some point I'd love to do a lighter version with a carbon fork.

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