March 13, 2010

Slick 50 Next Saturday in Minneapolis


from CRC:
The 2010 edition of the SLICK 50 SPRING CLASSIC is SATURDAY, 20 MARCH. As the flyer notes, we are meeting at Cuzzy's Bar in the Warehouse District. Get there @ 9:00 if you want to eat breakfast, drink, etc. We will DEPART @ 10:15, riding north along the river, then west out thru Maple Grove, back down around Medicine Lake. If you need further clarification, you should just show up.

Things to remember: As always, this is not a race, but it is a fast group ride. Bring everything and anything you think you may need for 4-5 hours in the saddle. (Extra clothes, tubes, vagisil, etc.) Be self-sufficient. You are responsible for you. There is less gravel on this year's route, but there are 2 major [busy] road crossings. There will be at least one bar stop a little past the half-way point, but this is by no means a drunk ride. The idea is to pile on some springtime miles with a bunch of like-minded fools, and pretend you're in Belgium. Or something.

Very excited about this one!

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