March 18, 2010

Tony Kornheiser: Fuck That Dude!

I'm not one to wish unemployment on someone, but fuck this guy. Seriously.

Listen all the way through

Don't worry though, Lance is on it:
From Uk Guardian

Lance Armstrong has laid into an American radio host who claimed live on air that motorists should run cyclists down. Armstrong branded ESPN's Tony Kornheiser a "complete f-ing idiot" on his Twitter page, saying the comments were "Disgusting, ignorant" and "foolish".

Kornheiser, who has recently returned after being suspended for criticising a female colleague for "dressing too young", launched into a rant about cyclists while discussing a new cycle lane in Washington.

"The last time I looked, the roads were made for automobiles," he said. "We're going to be dominated as if this was Beijing by hundreds of thousands of bicyclists ..."

The broadcaster also attacked cycling clothes before urging motorists to run over those on bicycles.

"They all wear … my God … with the little water bottle in the back and the stupid hats and their shiny shorts," he said. "They are the same disgusting poseurs that in the middle of a snowstorm come out with cross-country skiing on your block. Run 'em down.

"Let them use the right, I'm OK with that. I don't take my car and ride on the sidewalk because I understand that's not for my car … Why do these people think that these roads were built for bicycles? ... They dare you to run them down."

Armstrong, a seven-times Tour de France-winner, reacted furiously, posting: "Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot." He then later suggested his Twitter followers should write to ESPN to complain, after adding: "Tony Kornheiser on cyclists on the road, 'run 'em down'. Really? Big mistake, Tony."


B. Taylor said...

Fuck that!

alpine luddite said...

Tomorrow Fox will start saying we (cyclists) are all be commies for riding bikes.

What a piece of shit this guy is. i heard about this from lance but everyone should email ESPN and tell them to fire this douche. I also asked does this mean he thinks we should be running kids down on their bikes as well?

thanks for the link. it saved me from having to listen to his entire episode.


mark$ter said...

Wow Jeff, you only wish unemployment? You're way too kind. I was thinking more along the lines of having him watch his family burn to death.

Unknown said...

that is sickening. Also i was pretty sure the roads were originally made for horses.

Lea & Scott said...

I've been on both sides of this story. I've been the guy in the car when the group riders go from one, to two, to even three abreast; slowing down the traffic and not appearing to give a stuff. Conversely I've been the guy nearly cut off by a car moving back into the right lane after passing me and running into a van who pulled out in front of me. Both suck rocks. If you're on a bike, stick to the frick'n right...if you're in the car stay to the frick'n left. Everyone stop being assholes.