March 30, 2010

Pentagram Tonight at the Turf Club

Doom metal pioneers Pentagram are playing a show tonight at the Turf Club in St. Paul.

The American doom metal band Pentagram was formed in 1971 in Arlington, Virginia, by vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Bobby Liebling. The band was very much influenced by Sir Lord Baltimore Groundhogs and Blue Cheer. Their first release was a 7" in July 1972 under the name Macabre. Next was two new 7" releases under the new name Pentagram in June 1973 and October 1974. In 1974 Columbian Records became interested in the band and the following year they recorded a demo for them. There were also plans for a tour with Blue Oyster Cult but it never happened.

In 1975 Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss came to see Pentagram in Virginia. They were looking for a band to sign to Casablanca Records and Stanley wanted to buy a song from Pentagram called "Star Lady" but Bobby said no. Simmons also wanted to buy the song "Much Too Young To Know" to use in the Destroyer album bu Bobby said no once more. This resulted in Kiss signing the band Angel instead.

In 1979 the band broke up. In 1981 a band called Death Row [this band was actually formed in 1979 but it wasn't until now that Bobby Liebling joined in] was formed with Bobby Liebling on vocals. In 1982 they recorded a demo called "All Your Sins" and managed to secure a deal with the Dutch East India Trading and changed their name to Pentagram. In 1985 they released their first album entitled "Pentagram" on Pentagram Records which was just a re-mix of their first demo. New albums and many shows on American soil followed. In mid 1987 the band broke up but reformed with some old 70's members in 1988 only to break up once again in 1989.

In 1990 the popularity for Pentagram as well as doom metal in general became stronger. Cathedral did a cover of the song "All Your Sins" and Peaceville Records became interested in Pentagram and wanted to re-release the two albums and also produce a new one. In May 1993 the first lp was re-released as "Relentless", a remix from the original master tape. In August they also reissued the second album "Day Of Reckoning" with some re-recordings. On September 14th, 1993, Pentagram played their first show in over six years at Tikifala, Virginia.

From April to June 1994 Victor and Joe were guest musicians for Cathedral during their tour with Black Sabbath. In November Pentagram released their new album "Be Forewarned". After this release followed five years of silence until the band returned to life.

Joshy, Dirty, and myself are heading over there around 10. You should totatlly go.