March 10, 2010

Peacock Groove Project: Dropouts, Chainstays, Fork Crowns

Got an email today from Erik with some choices for fork crown, dropouts, and stays

He recommended this crown, the Mitsugi
Mitsugi is the Japanese word for "tribute". And that's just what this crown is; a tribute to the Japanese builders working in the Italian style that were so influential on me in the mid 1980's.

This is a highly refined version of a classic form. Fine outer points, hollow box construction, clean lines and integral fork tangs. What more could you want it a crown? Oh, did we mention that it's 50mm wide between the tangs? Perfect for Cross bikes and Rando's alike. Available in 25.4 and 28.6 versions

Because of my tire clearance requirements he wants to go with S Bend staysCOL_CMCS_SBND

He also recommends these dropouts
Cast D2

It's very cool to be given a choice in these matters. Many builders do not give their clients input into these decisions. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but it is one of the things that separates PG from other frame builders, Erik is all about doing new things and letting the customer really have an active role in deciding the outcome of the finished product.

He also recommended poking around the following websites to see if there were any choices that grabbed me:
Nova Cycle Supply

So I did and this is what I found

Fork Crown: IMG_0836_resized_2
Pacenti Paris-Brest Crown - 28.6mm
We are pleased to release the latest (and long awaited) Pacenti twin plate crown. Inspired by many of the great twin plate designs of the past, this crown features an elegant twin plate design but with a few modern touches like clearance for fat tires and fenders.
Clearance: 56.5mm (between blades)

It's 6.5mm wider than the Mitsugi but that bi-plane is hot.

Then there was this one:Cast F10
LC27. Wide fork crown
Weight 185 g. 47mm. clearance.
72mm c to c.
LC41. As above with 28.6mm Steerer

good looking and clearance seems about right

And this one: Cast F15
B70. For 28.6mm Steerer.
52mm Wheel Clearance

I need to go down to the shop this week and dropoff the rest of the deposit. We'll hash it out then.

Starting to get very excited

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