March 12, 2010

Peacock Groove Project: The Clock Starts ticking

dropped off the rest of the deposit last night
can't believe I gave so much money to a guy in a Voltron shirt

Mark the date: March 11th. The clock on this project officially started when the money was handed over. Erik now has four weeks to get the bike fabricated.

*the receipt
My serial number is going to be "jeffy" and it was decided that I would pay an upcharge and go with a stainless crown, fork tips, and dropouts.

I was drinking and can't recall exactly what fork tips and dropout are going to be used, but I do remember they're from Australia.

We decided to go with the Mitsugi Crown:

Let the Peacock Groove Project Experiment Project: Operation Timely Delivery begin in earnest
*not my fork crown or steerer

Peacock Groove Project: Dropouts, Chainstays, Fork Crowns
Peacock Groove Experiment: Part #1

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Anonymous said...

What Erik ought to have might just be a hovering DEVO hat, or not.