March 21, 2010

Images From the Week

I hadn't dumped my camera since last weekend, so here are some images from last week. The weather has finally turned in Minnesota and it's time to ride your nice bikes again.

Tuesday Night
went out just cruising around on the Dropout and not really looking for new spots but finding a ton. I have kind of been getting down on the whole FGFS thing, as the internet and bullshit seems to be turning the "scene" we've created into The Come Up and kids keep taking more and more utility out of their trick track bikes with small wheels, slammed seats, pegs, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with that (don't ever let anybody tell you what kind of or how you should ride a bike, if you're into it, do it), but the reason I love this bike and style of riding is because it is simply the best platform for urban exploration that I know of. An evening spent cruising around town, doing grandpa stair gaps and hanging out on my bike was just what I needed to remember how much fun this thing is supposed to be.

one of the first Bike Jerks stickers, still hanging on

After the ride, Joshy gave me a haircut. Had to pause for the mullet photo of course.

B.Ridge and I did some errands
I love my Capricorn, but all the color matching parts are looking very 2007. Might have to swap in some other parts.



mark$ter said...

If you changed that haircut already, I'm going to kill you.

bob said...

jeff im totaly with your on the dual 26 inches and pegs and huge tires cuz i still use my bike to get around everywhere and i like it to be at least a bit fast


nice colnago..

rox said...

I heart the mullet! of course.