February 14, 2010

Swap Meet


a bike once lost in a drunken stupor now found years later, and on it's way home

our table at the beginning

Superrookie was selling this Croll, $350 with headset, nitto bars and stem. Too bad it's so small 49cm. I want a Croll track bike so bad. I think it'll be going up on Craigslist soon

nice 90's paramount


Super hot 853 USA made La Raza with matching stem, this one didn't fit me either 58cm $250

Andy and Charlie

My purchases, Superior Threadworks shinnies (an all time favorite, made in Minnesota) $10, Ideal leather saddle $15, Chorus crankset and BB $35, Suntour Pro Max rear fix/fix hub $10, Deda Pista Bars $5, caps $2.50, Ultegra 27.2 post $10, Hayes Carbon blades (trade)

The Velodrome Swap meet is cool and all, but it's out in the middle of nowhere (Blaine), I'm thinking that midsummer I want to organize a free swap in Powderhorn park. I'll let you know


Ross said...

Summer swap in Minneapolis is p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

Anonymous said...

Checked on having a swap in a city park after seeing pics of the Delores Park swap in SF. You can't legally do commerce in a park. You can give stuff away, or barter, but no selling of anything. I guess its enforced to prevent people doing yard sales on the city's yard.

Jeff said...

Think the cops would actually enforce this if we do it within the bike community and not make it too apparent?

ALVERN said...

Can it be set up like the farmers market then? rent a pavilion or something if that's possible

Jeff said...

For me anyway, pretty much the only way I'd be interested in doing this is guerilla DIY style, fuck a permit.

brandonb said...

My friend Carmen ended up getting the Croll track frame for $300, and he threw in a seatpost too...

Jeff said...

that's a crazy deal