February 24, 2010

Skate Video Wednesday

Just wait for aggessive inline Friday's!!

(I would never do that to you)

(Soap shoe Saturday, maybe)


antiehro1972 said...

I was about to drop your blog off my daily list if you post up "agreesive in line skating" thank you for never doing that to us. now skate vid wed. are sick.

Jeff said...

but you're in for Soap Shoe Saturday right?

Manny said...

Little Joshie wants the Inline!!!
You know he used to roll like that!

Jeff said...

I was at his parents house and in their spare bed room closet were tons of Daily Breads
(be ashamed if you know that reference)

antihero1972 said...

I dont even know what soap shoes are same goes with daily breads.

Jeff said...

good for you. really

Manny said...

I only know because lil J talk about it.
I feel so shamed.
Why do I hurt inside?