February 13, 2010

Winter Bikes

Recently our man in NYC Prolly posted up some pics of the salt on his ride. Which made me think of my own winter bike and the fact that I never clean it, totally neglect it, and will continue to do so until spring. I hate winter bike maintenance. That's why I ride a fixed gear, so i don't have to do any (which is why so many folks in Minnesota choose to ride fixed gear, it's the only bike that's practical to ride in the winter without doing a ton of maintenance. It's just a lot less hassle)

Anyhoo I was thinking about how my FGFS (fixed gear freestyle) bike has become my winter bike of choice and what I like about riding it, and I was finally able to come to some sort of succinct summary that explains a huge portion of the attraction to fixed gear freestyle for me.

Riding a fixed gear is fun, really really fun. Riding a monster truck fixed gear that wants to destroy everything in it's path and catch air, is even better

These shots are typical of the condition I keep it in during the winter months. Got some pretty colors in there, some nice reds and oranges
(the hardware on the production New Sheriff's is stainless, these bolts are clearly not)

ice covered arms


I stickered over my stickers and it's not holding up so well




if you've got photos of your winter rides, send em my way.

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