February 24, 2010

Le Container

DPow from Portland Design Works clued me in to this site: Le Conatiner

It's in the same vein as Acid Sweat Lodge but with more high brow modern content

It's fantastic and highly recommended

A link has been added to the right for your convenience


Rydjor Bike Shop said...

Tits, shotguns, graffiti, pickups, pickup campers... very high brow, very modern. If you come visit I will show you all of these in spades.

Have you seen http://youthewhoa.blogspot.com/ or http://www.snacksandshit.com/

fuzzy said...

That dude "AMAZE" tagged my glass at the shop the week before my grand opening. Tagged it with acid so it etched into the glass. I replaced the panel, it was not a huge piece of glass, might frame it and keep it as "art". I was so pissed when it happened, there was so much to do and the last thing I needed was some kid vandalizing my storefront. Who knows, maybe it will be worth something one day.
Thanks "AMAZE"

Jeff said...

*Bike Jerks does not endorse the fucking with of Fuzzy's storefront