February 17, 2010

Hold Fast Review

Last summer Jeremiah from Holdfast was in town and he kicked me a set of the then current Holdfast design. I've been riding them for a while now, and liked them but there were a few issues that I was unhappy with. Chiefly, having to reach down and pull them over my shoe everytime my foot came out. We got to talking about this at Midwest Mayhem and he dropped a set of the limited edition green ones on me, telling me to give these a try.

The new versions

These are the current production, and I gotta say, they are so much better. No more pulling them over my shoes (due to stiffer material that retains it's shape better and is easier to slide your foot under), no more long straps hanging off the side of my pedal. The craftsmanship and quality of the production design is simply spectacular. They've gone from a very nice "handmade" looking product, to a polished professional one.

Old versions

I really can't say enough good things about them, it's a night and day difference in the construction and functionality between the old and new.
(don't be concerned about the minor surface rust, this is Minnesota winter, everything I own is fucking rusty)

A set will set you back fifty seven bones and they are available on Holdfast's website or at bikeshops in the know

nature boy

I still prefer my clips and straps for general riding and mashing (I much prefer skidding in traditional clips), but for freestyle use I don't see myself ever going back. Thanks a ton homie.


Anonymous said...

Is there a reason you prefer clips/straps for general riding? I'm rarely doing tricks (occasional dorking around in a parking lot) but have heard good things about using them for just mashing and whatnot.

antihero1972 said...

from what i have read, these style straps are not so good for mashing and hill bombing. that cages are still the way to go.

Jeff said...

I feel more secure in the clips and straps, my foot sits deeper in the cage and it feels better pulling up on the upstroke of pedaling.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, thanks for the review. Came over here from Prolly's site. Reading that you feel more secure in clips and straps is helpful. Mostly because it's my belief (and I haven't yet tried toe clips nor hold fasts but i have tried powergrips which came decades before hold fast) that platforms are the way to go for "mashing around". I commute in them, too. From the times I have swapped bikes with my friends, the toe clips are a pain in the ass and end up scraping the ground 'cause I am too bothered by flipping them upwards and stuffing my foot into the clips. I also can't be bothered by the looks - haven't yet found graceful pleasing looking clips package, notify me when they exist and I'll jump. Platforms are the answer. Big ones. - Wilson

Bummer Life said...

Great. Another trendy hipster cycling blog re-hashing the same cycling garbage

Jeff said...

what the hell is that shit? you ain't Steve you clown ass fake, frontin, idiot.

would you feel more safe if I was posting about moustache's, cyclocross, and budweiser?

you sir (and I use the word sir generously) are the worst kind of hipster douchebag: the fucking elitist (only the trendy things that I subscribe to are worthwhile)

Obviously you linked over here from Prolly's blog, and thus clearly troll the hipster blogs? Why? So you can pretend that you're someone else? Someone with genuine passion and enthusiasm for life and bicycles and leave stupid comments under that guise?

any bike, anytime, anywhere. douche

Anonymous said...

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