February 24, 2010

Affix Hub: you seen this?

affix 002
affix 001

Here's the deal: it's kind of like the Sram Torpedo in that it runs fixed or free. However unlike the Sram which uses a screw to switch modes, the Affix is adjustable by hand.
affix 001
This is accomplished as you may have guessed by "pushing and turning"

affix 004
note the gap between the big ring thing and the hub body

affix 005
gap is now closed

Affix is a sister brand to BMX's KHE. The machining and quality looks good as you would expect from a company under the KHE roof.


fuzzy said...

That looks rad, wonder if it feels more solid than the Torpedo? Any word on the availability?

Jeff said...

there seemed to be less play than on the Torpedo with the hub in hand. I have no idea the availability

Unknown said...

whats the deal with that lockring? same size as a bb cup wrench?