February 13, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Anchor

The Anchor is a fish and chips joint in Nordeast MPLS. It's been open for around a half year and usually has a wait to be seated if you go during the evening. Today Joshy, Matt, and I rode around, drank beer and got some food. I figured since I was there and am always looking for content, I'd do a little review for those who have never had the pleasure.
As you'd expect, fish and chips are their specialty, but for me the real attraction is the Helicopter burger.
It's a huge patty topped with Irish cheese (whatever that is), egg, and ham. It's crazy delicious, and Chuck Cowan from Behind Bars wants you to know that you're a pussy if you put ketchup on it. I did, and mustard too, it was incredible and the fries are really good as well.

You should ride your bike around, work up an appetite and go there. It's really good, not expensive (not cheap though), and great if you can get a table


scissorneck said...

I saw your bike outside and Me and A buddy were gonna get some grub but it was packed in there, went to the modern instead end of story..........

Anonymous said...

Ha, we hit this place for dinner after beers and tunes at Grumpys last Thursday. It was fantastic. Got the fish fry, you just don't see that much fish in one dinner very often!