November 8, 2010

Bandit Cross Race #2


the first race was a very affirming experience, everyone showed up, raced hard and had a great time. no bullshit attitudes, no whining. It was amazing and I hope to see you all again at this one.

Bandit Cross Race #2
November 21st / Hobo Camp / 3pm

for those not familiar Hobo Camp is next to spiral ped bridge in Bryn Mawr Meadows
(cedar lake trail / basset creek trail)

Spectators and bevvies encouraged
(cowbells and beer handups)

The flyer says single speed but all bikes are welcome.

If you can show up at 2 to help with the course prep we'd really appreciate it.

Last race's lap times were around 7 minutes and I plan to shorten the course a small amount. This is the second time we're doing it at Hobo Camp, and the plan is to have a new course for the next race. If you'd like to have some visuals as to what the course looks like please go here.

most likely we will hang out around the fire after the race.

I have also started a Facebook Page for the race so that everyone knows where to get up to date information on what's going on. You can find it here.

If you have a blog, or post on any of the forums (Morc, etc) please spread the word to the legit racing community. It is my goal to create a fun and positive atmosphere where both newcomers and vets can come out, ride hard, and enjoy the spirit of community that comes after turning yourself inside out for 40 minutes with your homies.


voodoozim said...

How can i get that Picture to put on mine and my friends blog? we are at Thanks! see you in a few weeks.

Jeff said...

I took off the privacy constraints, if you'd like to grab it do so by clicking on the photo and choosing a size in Flickr.