November 10, 2010

D-Pow Guest Post: Sean Flynn

So I've been hassling Dan from Portland Design Works, aka the king of the internets, to become a contributor to Bike Jerks since he's typically the one to clue me into rad web things and I'd love some West Coast representation on here.

Here's his first submission:

The other day I was deep in the Internet mine, as I am about every afternoon. I stumbled across a story of international intrigue that I was surprised I'd never heard about before. Ever heard of a guy named Sean Flynn? You know Sean Flynn. Son of Errol Flynn.

Yeah I thought you had heard of em. You ever wonder who he was, or what that song is about?

Well I'll tell you. On April 6, 1970 Flynn (who was on assignment for Time Magazine), and another photo journalist Dana Stone, rented motor cycles and traveled into Cambodia. Two hours after the above photo was taken, they were captured by communist forces at a road block on Highway 1, and they were never seen again. What were they doing in Cambodia? Well, they were covering the war. Flynn had been in and out of Vietnam several times since 1966. This shot is considered by many to be his most important picture.
Duc Phong, Vietnam, 1966

A young Viet Cong suspect cries after hearing a rifle shot. His captors, Chinese Nung tribesmen in the service of the U.S. Special Forces, pretended to shoot his father, a ruse designed to make the boy reveal information about Communist guerrillas.(UPI)

Heavy shit right there.

Word is there is someone making a film about it.

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