November 3, 2010

Favorite Things: Prana Headband

I bought this Prana headband at Miguel's in Kentucky's Red River Gorge in around 2001 on my first ever outdoor climbing trip. I took a bunch of heat from my traveling buddy, but I was stoked on my souvenir. I later started climbing with a group of dudes several of whom also owned these dorky things and they became known as "send bands" as in, fuck this shit, I've got my headband on it's time to send this thing.

Anyway, it has become an essential piece of gear for me as the seasons change. I often want a little ear coverage but it's too hot for a hat, so I wear this.
In my opinion it's way better than a handkerchief (sp?) since you don't have to dink around with any knots, and if you find yourself getting too warm is easier to pull down around your neck while riding with a helmet on.

It is stretchy, made of t-shirt like material, and is fucking awesome. If any of you out there are crafty, you should totally start making these things. They're stupid looking but super functional. It's one of those items that I always carry in my bag just in case.

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