November 29, 2010

Schwinn Cruiser for Sale

My beloved Schwinn Speedster is up for sale. I'm asking $125 for it.

This was my "beer pizza" bike. In that I used it for neighborhood errands, namely buying beer or pizza slices. My garage space is getting tight and I just got a Surly 1X1 so I need to move something. Now that I live in a different neighborhood, I just haven't used this bike in while so it has to go.

Schwinn Speedster

Repacked Morrow Coaster hub to Sun Rhyno Lite rim in rear, front is a NOS Deore XT hub laced to silver rim (I forget the make and am too lazy to go check). The important thing here is that both wheels are 26" and not some weird Schwinn size.

Tange steel front fork, threadless headset, threadless stem and rise bars, new seatpost w/ Specialized Body Geometry saddle. Front V-brake.

This thing is a very nice townie or bar bike and I'm hoping that it will go to someone who will use it.

Let me know if you're interested.

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