November 29, 2010

Bandit Cross Race #3 Course Report

Treasure, Matty, and myself spent Saturday drinking beer and riding Low Road to Sibley. We took the fat bikes out there since we were doing it expedition style (comfort, beer, lots of stops) and making a day of it.

We took the light rail to the American Boulevard stop - don't forget to bring fare for the race


This is what the Bloomington side of the river looked like
We ran into some dudes on cross bikes who had ridden both sides and declared it good on 32c's.
There is just a thin layer of crust over frozen sand. It rode pretty quick.

I don't have pictures of it but the other side of the river is more rutted out. It too though is completely passable by cross bikes. I'm thinking a 38c tire is going to be just about perfect come race day provided we don't get more snow.

Found this old Olympia can in the woods and brought it home as a ride trophy, stoked on the graphic.

The ice flows in the river made awesome background noise as they crashed into each other

Underneath the cedar bridge. that elevated platform on the left is what we'll use during the race to cross to the other side. You just go under the bridge, hang a left, go up the ramp, ride across what you see here, and go straight off the down ramp onto the trail. From their it's a straight shot to the corrugated metal tunnel, past Sibley, then up the hill and to Lucky's in Mendota Heights.


Can't wait till Saturday. Expect the winners to finish the course in about 40 minutes or so. It's not going to be a long race, but you need to come prepared for the ride and any emergencies. You will also need a lock to lock up at the bar and lights to be safe on trail and on the way back home after the bar. I'd also recommend some spare clothes to change into for the way home since your race gear will likely get wet.

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