November 3, 2010

Homey Fall Fest 2010

I just finished uploading my pics of the 2010 Homey. I know the organizers decided not to call it that, but we all know what it was, plus I can't actually remember the official name.

I shot photos all day, got way wasted, and didn't end up with any shots that I'm in love with. You'll find some of my favorites below and the rest can be found in my Flickr Homey set.

I also shot a little video of a certain ripper in training hitting people with a tree. Watch it, it's adorable and gives a great sense of the vibe of this year's Homey.

now the photos

best costume
his mom made it the night before out of that weird material they use for hotel thermal blankets, you know the ones with the grey backing color.


this downhill was dope

what I assume is a Steve Smith original on the back of Gene's jumper



the respect in the Ref's eyes says it all

thanks for the bent rear wheel you son-of-a-bitch
(Pete I could never stay mad at you)

Cru Jones, the later years


as always tons of cool bikes
I want this Bontrager Cruiser so bad


and the worst single speed ever

don't forget to check out the rest of the photos here

and because this is my last excuse to post this until next year, let's all watch the pixelated blood from this famous crash from years past.

1 comment:

Mel x said...

I have one of those Bontrager Cruiser's (which is what lead me to your blog!)a friend of mine bought it back in '97 from 'Action Bikes' in Brighton (UK) who imported it for him... it's all still original apart from the bars and the seat, it now has an S&M padded seat and black DK cruiser bars. It's been looked after and it's ridden weekly..

anyway, just thought I'd mention it.... I'll send some pictures if you like!!