August 19, 2012

All City Championship 2012 Results

this year's spoke card

Let me just say thank you to all who volunteered, rode, and partied.  That was by far the most fun ACC weekend yet, the best party I've ever gotten to DJ, and perhaps the best party I've ever been to period.

It was amazing, and I've got tons of great photos to be revealed in the coming days.  For now, check out the ones below and results from this year's alleycat.

If nothing else, this weekend will be remembered for a bunch of up and comers dominating the standings.

Le Mans start

All City Championship 2012 Alleycat
Top 50

1. Altan
2. Max (first fixed)
3. Nick
4. Dan
5. Benjammin
6. Treasure Crayton
7. Erin Young
8. Matt Borgers
9. Jo Do
10. Katy (first female)

victory and pain

11. Alex
12. Aaron Schmitz
13. David Smith
14. SK
15. Bjorn
16. Ayo
17. Eric Scholtz
18. Eric Biederman
19. Evan
20. Bryan Rides Bikes

completed manifest

21. Devin
22. Peter Bekke
23. Lee Penn (second female)
24. Timothy Hellerman
25. Michelle (third female)
26. Emily (first female fixed)
27. Matt (Cross Wizard)
28. Tim Rysgard
29. Drew
30. Nicky G


31. Elise
32. Jake Blaze (first female out of town)
33. Lane (first male out of town)
34. Peter Lenz
35. Jana
36. Same Garvin
37. Boyd
38. Pablo Garcia
39. Amy D
40. Megan Barr


41. Daniel Murphy
42. David Peteska
43. Morgan
44. Andy
45. Loretta
46. Alex B.
47. Derrick
48. Shawn
49. T.C.
50. Liz W


Robert FacePlant said...

Thanks for the great time, Jeff! Excellent race on Sat! Sadly my race partner/Brit bro-in-law had to get to the airport by 8:15 for return to England so we had to skip the Sunrise. :( Made all the other stops, tho and he got a great tour of the 6-1-2! Cheers for a badass full-on long weekend event!

Awkward person is awkward said...

Illegible = Pablo Garcia. Sorry I didn't write very clearly :s

Pablo Garcia said...

#38 = Pablo Garcia. Sorry for being so illegible :s