August 17, 2012

Trash Bags ACC Champ Bag

last night Andy Larson rode into Bandit Cross with this thing
the whole crowd stopped dead in it's tracks and stared.


What is it you may ask, well other than being a gigantic bag, it's specifically designed for airline travel.  See you can tear down your bike and stick it in here, and get away with paying only the checked bag fee instead of the super expensive bike one.

It's fucking genius, and is possibly the very coolest prize bag that I've ever had the honor of giving away.  Everyone has a backpack or mess bag, but no one has one of these bad boys.

I rode around with it last night and was absolutely shocked at how comfortable it is.  I have no idea what he calls it or how much it costs, but I know I want one.

Let's take a closer look..




In case you were wondering, this beautiful beast is going to the first place fixed rider in Saturday's Alleycat.

Thank you Andy for your constant support of the All City Championship and MPLS cycling community.

1 comment:

Andy said...

It is called the "Space Junk" travel box, and it can be had for $250-- it will easily pay for itself in savings after a couple of flights.