August 27, 2012

My TI Salsa Selma


hung some new parts on my mountain bike last week so I figured I'd take the opportunity to snag some new photos. Fall is mtb season around these parts, and I can't freaking wait. So stoked to spend the next few months riding, camping, and being in the woods.

First just let me say that I love mountain bikes. The parts aren't really all that different in this modern age, but while a properly put together road bike should be elegant and streamlined, a modern mtb is just ridiculously mechanical. The stem and bars look like they're straight out of an Erector Set. It's all angles.

If you're wondering about the rear wheel, three years back I needed a replacement wheel in a hurry and the Velocity Blunt was the hot rim going. They didn't have any black so I got blue which kind of matched my old steel El Mariachi. I'd much rather have a black rear but for the life of me I can't kill this thing and it seems dumb to buy new spokes, nips, and a rim for purely aesthetic reasons. This rim won't die.

The new parts on the bike for this fall are a used set of Truvativ Noir carbon cranks that I traded a track wheelset to Matty for, a carbon Specialized seatpost from my parts bin, and some new Michelin tires. Not a lot of change, but I did shed several hundred grams. (I'm kind of on a lightweight kick right now)

the brakes on the bike are old school Hayes 9's. I've got the pimp juice Goodridge lines and an upgrade to a carbon lever. They're like 8 years old but between the premium hoses, and a lever upgrade last year they feel flipping fantastic.
Truvativ Noir triple carbon crankset. They're sweet but I need a new bashguard as this one only goes up to 34t and I run a 36X19 or 36X20.
one speed specific

Can't wait to put some heavy miles in.

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