August 13, 2012

Velocity Prizes


Since I've been giving out multiple sets of track wheels for the past six years, I realized this year we had to do something different.

Luckily our friends, and 7 year supporters, Velocity came up huge with two sets of Shimano compatible road wheels built on their amazing A23 rims.

As you may know,  I own 4 pairs of A23 wheelsets, so believe me when I tell you that these things will go to  hell and back.  These are a big deal prize to me, and one that any winner will be stoked to own.

Big thanks to Velocity for the hookup!



DMC said...

Velocity never Disappoints,, MD is the Man!

Joe O said...

Sorry, I'm new to your blog. What do I have to do to get a crack at these beauties?

Jeff said...

Race on Saturday!