August 16, 2012

Friday Night Track Bike Crit Update


Track Bike Crit - Friday 8/17
Meet at One on One at 10
Brakeless Fixed Gears Only
All type of handlebars allowed

So here's the deal with the Friday Night Crit.

I have decided to move the race to 15th and Van Buren in Northeast.  I feel that this spot is the safest for the racers and most conducive to hanging out and not being hassled by the cops.

The course is a flat track figure eight with round corners and one sharp 90 degree turn.  The race will be 10 laps, with the winner getting the Phil Wood Track Hubs.

While it's not as much of a true crit as I hoped the figure eight should be pretty jamming, the parking lots and streets it runs on are fairly smooth but there are plenty of cracks and what not.  I'd recommend a 25 or 28c tire if you can.

The straights aren't that long and if I was running the course I'd probably go with a 46X17 or 48X18.  Just a suggestion.  It's going to be a sprint race, and your ability to accelerate and stop will make the difference between being a poser and a contender.

We will meet up at One on One at ten then group ride up to the spot.  Spectators should BYOB. Racers should be sober, if I can tell you're faded, you're not starting.

All racers must wear a helmet for the crit

At One on One I'll be pre registering racers for the alleycat on Saturday, if you want a low number, show up on Friday.  All Crit racers must be registered for the main race to participate.

It's going to be one hell of a fast sprint.

See you there.


Anonymous said...

Really? A figure eight? That's fucking stupid and dangerous.

Jeff said...

quit being a baby. If you can't hack it don't ride.

Anonymous said...

8/16 is today Thursday not Friday, in case some people are confused if it's suppose to be today or tomorrow, good lookin' out.

Unknown said...

Figure 8? Really? Fucking awesome. I look forward to testing legs tomorrow night.