January 18, 2012


On Sunday I took a day off from riding and went to Treehouse and Cheapo. These are the scores.

Savoy Brown "A Step Further," Kris Kristofferson "Border Lord," Tony Joe White "Black and White," Nashville Pussy "High as Hell."

awesome homemade video to accompany, made from various Kristofferson movie clips

I was super pumped to get this copy of High as Hell for $7.

Check out the ridiculousness

I love this record in the same fashion that I love Van Halen 1, I'd say it's a guilty pleasure, but I don't much feel guilty.

At Treehouse I picked up Deadmoon "Defiance."
Deadmoon is one of those bands that you find out about and you get bummed because you could have been listening to them for years already.

so good.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Fred Cole and family will pretty much be the most dyi band you will ever lay your hands on. Be sure to check out the documentary and his record lathe.

Midnight Nambla

TOMMY GUN said...

Don't forget to check out Fred & Toody's current gig, Pierced Arrows!